Dedicated to You 12 Pack

Dedicated to You 12 Pack

Precious memories from the series that began with the
First Rock N' Roll compilation album.

Dedicated to You Volume #1

Music available, just click on the song you want to hear.

Dedicated to the One I LoveThe Shirelles2.06
I'm Your PuppetJames & Bobby Purify3.01
Since I Don't Have YouThe Skyliners2.36
Angel BabyRosie & The Orginals3.32
Memories of El MonteThe Penguins2.41
HypnotizedLinda Jones2.38
I Do Love YouBilly Stewart2.57
Me and YouBrenten Wood2.36
Gee What a GuyYvonne Caroll & The Roulettes 2.29
Confessin' a FeelingSlick Sly & Wicked2.43
I Want You BackDon Julian & The Meadowlarks3.13
OOO...AAAhJakki O4.24
What You Won't Do For LoveAlma5.04
Low RiderWar3.00

All 12 Dedicated to You

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Dedicated to You - All Volumes - 1-12 Cd's

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