Artist List
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Artist List

Abbott, Gregory---Shake You Down---Dedicated to You #8
Ace, Johnny---Pledging My Love---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 2
Ace, Johnny---Pledgeing My Love---Dedicated to You #7
Ace, Johnny---Pleging my Love---I Will Always Be There For You
Ace, Johnny---Pleging My love---Oldies But Goodies #10
Ad Libs, The---A Boy from New York City---Oldies But Goodies #6
Albert, Morris---Feelings---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Albert, Morris---Feelings---Oldies But Goodies #3
Alexander, Arthur--Sharing The Night Together--20 Hard Find Jams-Rare / Well Done
Allen, Tony---Nite Owl---Dedicated to You #9
Alma---What You Wonít Do For Love---Dedicated to You #1
Alma---Make It With You / Take A Chance (On Me)--- Dedicated to You #5
Alma---Take A Chance On Me / Make It With You---I Will Always Be There For You
Amboy Dukes, The---Journey To The Center Of The mind---Killer Classic Rock
Angels, The---My Boyfriendís Back---Oldies But Goodies #11
Anka, Paul---Put Your Head On My Shoulder---Oldies But Goodies #1
Anka, Paul---Lonely Boy---Oldies But Goodies #12
Anka, Paul---Diana---Oldies But Goodies #2
Anka, Paul---Puppy Love---Oldies But Goodies #8
Anquette--- I Will Always Be There For You---Dedicated to You #8
Anquette--- I Will Always Be There For You---I Will Always Be There For You
Anthony, Little & The Imperials--Iím On The Outside(Looking In)-- Dedicated to You #3
Anthony, Little & The Imperials---Take Me Back---Dedicated to You #4
Avalon, Frankie---Venus---21 #1 Hits
Avalon, Frankie---Venus---Oldies But Goodies #10
B.Bumble & The Stingers---Bumble Boogie---Oldies But Goodies #7
Bagdads, The---Bring Back Those Doo Wops---20 Hard Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Bass, Fontella---Rescue Me---Oldies But Goodies #12
Bataan, Joe---The Prayer---Dedicated To You #10
Bataan, Joe---My Cloud---Dedicated to You #9
Beach Boys, The---Surfiní Safari---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Beach Boys, The---Barbara Ann---Oldies But Goodies #2
Beach Boys, The---Surfiní Safari---Oldies But Goodies #3
Beach Boys, The---Good Vibrations---Oldies But Goodies #8
Belvin, Jesse---Goodnight My Love---Oldies But Goodies #2
Berry, Chuck--- Maybellene---Oldies But Goodies #1
Berry, Chuck--- Roll Over Beethoven---Oldies But Goodies #10
Berry, Chuck---Maybellene---Oldies But Goodies #11
Berry, Chuck---Sweet Little Sixteen---Oldies But Goodies #12
Big Bopper---Chantilly Lace---Oldies But Goodies #4
Big Jay Macneely---There Is Something On You r Mind---Dedicated to You #7
Big Joe, Turner---Shake Rattle And Roll---Oldies But Goodies #2
Bill Deal&The Rhondels--What Kind of Fool Do You Think---OldiesButGoodies#15
Bill Deal & The Rhondels--- Iíve Been Hurt---Oldies But Goodies #7
Bill Haley & The Comets---Rock Around The Clock---Oldies But Goodies #14
Bloodstone---Natural High---Dedicated to You #2
Blue Jays, The---Loverís Island---Oldies But Goodies #8
Blue Magic---Sideshow---Dedicated to You #7
Bob & Earl--- Harlem Shuffle---Oldies But Goodies #5
Bonds, Gary U.S.---Quarter To Three---Oldies But Goodies #6
Bonds, Gary U.S.---New Orleans---Oldies But Goodies #7
Box Tops, The---The Letter---Oldies But Goodies #12
Bread---Make It With You---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Brenda & The Tabulations---The Touch Of You---Dedicated to You #5
Brick---Dazz---Dedicated to You #5
Bridges, Alicia--- I Love The Night Life---Oldies But Goodies #14
Brothers, Righteous---Youíve Lost That Loviní Feelin---Oldies But Goodies #10
Brothers, Righteous---Soul And Inspiration---Oldies But Goodies #11
Brothers, Righteous---Unchained Melody---Oldies But Goodies#13
Brown, James--- Try Me---Dedicated to You #2
Brown, James---The Payback---Dedicated to You #4
Brown, Shirley---Woman To Woman---Dedicated to You #2
Bryson, Peabo---Feel The Fire--- Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Buddy Holly & The Crickets---Thatíll Be The Day---Oldies But Goodies #1
Butler, Jerry---He Will Break Your Heart---21 #1 Hits
Butler, Jerry---He Will Break Your Heart--BestOldiesButGoodies Classic Collection V. 2
Butler, Jerry---Only The Strong Survive---Dedicated to You #3
Butler, Jerry--- Never Give You up---Dedicated To You #4
Butler, Jerry--- For Your Precious Love---I Will Always Be There For You
Butler, Jerry--- He Will Break Your Heart---Oldies But Goodies #7
Cadets, The---Stranded In The Jungle---Oldies But Goodies #1
Canned Heat---Going Up The Country---Killer Classic Rock
Cannon, Freddy---Palisades Park---Oldies But Goodies #11
Caroll, Yvonne &The Roulettes---Gee What A Guy---Dedicated to You #1
Carr, Linda---Shy One---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Casinos, The---Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye--- Oldies But Goodies #9
Cathy Jean & The Roommates---Please Love Me Forever---Oldies But Goodies #9
Cathy Jean & the Roommates--Please Love Me Forever--Best of Goodies Classic Collection Vo.2
Champs, The---Tequila---21 #1 Hits
Champs, The---Tequila---Oldies But Goodies #7
Champs, The---Tequila---Ritchie Valens La Bamba Ď87
Chandler, Gene---Duke Of Earl---21 #1 Hits
Chandler, Gene---Duke Of Earl---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 2
Chandler, Gene---Duke Of Earl---Oldies But Goodie #6
Chantels, The--- Maybe---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Charles & Eddie---Would I Lie To You?--- Dedicated to You #8
Charles, Ray---WhatíD I Say---Oldies But Goodies #13
Chic---Good Times---Dedicated to You #8
Chiffons, The---Heís So Fine---21 #1 Hits
Chiffons, The---One Fine Day---Oldies But Goodies #12
Chiffons, The--- Heís So Fine---Oldies But Goodies #14
Chiffons, The---Sweet Talkiní Guy---Oldies But Goodies #8
Chi-Lites, The---I Want To Pay You Back---Dedicated to You #9
Chimes, The---Once In A While---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Chimes, The---Once In A While---Oldies But Goodies #7
Christie, Lou---Lightning Strikes---Oldies But Goodies #14
Clark, Dee---Raindrops---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 2
Clark, Dee---Raindrops---Oldies But Goodies #6
Classic IV---Traces---Oldies But Goodies #11
Climax---Precious And Few---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Climax---Precious And Few---Oldies But Goodies #15
Clinton, George---Atomic Dog---Dedicated to You #3
Clover, The---Devil Or Angel---Oldies But Goodies #2
Clovers, The---Devil Or Angel---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Coasters, The---Charlie Brown---Oldies But Goodies #8
Cochran, Eddie---Summertime Blues---Oldies But Goodies #8
Cole, Natalie---Inseparable---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Contours, The--- Do You Love Me---Oldies But Goodies #12
Cooper, Alice--- Schoolís Out---Killer Classic Rock
Corsairs, The---Smokey Places---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 2
Corsairs, The---Smokey Plaxes---Oldies But Goodies #8
Count V---Psychotic Reaction---Killer Classic Rock
Creedence Clearwater Revival---Proud Mary---Oldies But Goodies #4
Crests, The---16 Candles---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Crests, The---16 Candles---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Crests, The---Angels Listened In---Oldies But Goodies #10
Crests, The---16 Candles---Oldies But Goodies #14
Croce, Jim---Iíll Have To Say I Love You In a song---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Dale and Grace---Iím Leaving It All up To You---Oldies But Goodies #11
Dale and Grace---Iím Leaving It All up to you---Oldies But Goodies #8
Danny & The Juniors---At The Hop---Oldies But Goodies #2
Darin, Bobby---Splish Splash---Oldies But Goodies #8
Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando---Tie A Yello RibboníRound Tree---Oldies But Goodies #3
Day, Bobby---RockiníRobin---21 #1 Hits
Day, Bobby--- RockiníRobin---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Day, Bobby---RockiníRobin---Oldies But Goodies #5
Day, Bobby---Over And Over---Oldies But Goodies #9
Dee Dee, Sharp---Mashed Potato Time---21 #1 Hits
Degrees, Three, The---When Will I See You Again---Dedicated to You #2
Degrees, Three, The---Maybe---Dedicated to You #6
Del Shannon--- Runaway---21 #1 Hits
Del Vikings, The--- Come Go With Me---Oldies But Goodies #3
Delegation---Oh Honey---Dedicated to You #4
Delfonics, The---Break your Promise---Dedicated to You #4
Delfonics, The--- Hey Love---Dedicated to You #6
Delfonics, The--- Didnít I (Blow your mind this time)--- Dedicated to You #9
Delfonics, The---La La Means I Love You---Oldies But Goodies #12
Dells, The---Oh What A Night---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Dells, The---Oh, What A Night---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Dells, The---Stay In My Corner---Dedicated to You #7
Dells, The---Oh What A Night---Oldies But Goodies #3
DeShannon, Jackie---What The World Needs Now---Oldies But Goodies #14
DeVaughn, William---Be Thankful for What youíve got---Dedicated to You #5
DeVaughn, William--Be Thankful For What youíve got---Oldies But Goodies #11
Diamonds, The---Little Darliní---Oldies But Goodies #11
Diddley, Bo---Bo Diddley---Oldies But Goodies #10
Dinning, Mark---Teen Angel---Oldies But Goodies #7
Dion & The Belmonts---I Wonder Why---Oldies But Goodies #12
Dion & The Belmonts---A Teenager In Love---Oldies But Goodies #6
Dion and the Belmonts---A Teenager In Love---Best of Oldies But Goodies ClassicVol.2
Dion---Runaround Sue---21 #1 Hits
Dion---The Wanderer---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Dion---Runaround Sue---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Dion---The Wanderer---Oldies But Goodies #5
Dion---Runaround Sue---Oldies But Goodies #7
Dion---The Wanderer---Ritchie Valens La Bamba Ď87
Dixie Cups, The---Chapel Of Love---21 #1 Hits
Dixie Cups, The---Chapel Of Love---Oldies But Goodies #11
Dixie Cups, The---Chapel Of Love---Oldies But Goodies #8
Doggett, Bill---Honky Tonk Part II---21 #1 Hits
Doggett, Bill---Honky Tonk PartI And II---Oldies But Goodies #6
Domingo, Fats---My Blue Heaven---Oldies But Goodies #10
Dominoes, The---Sixty Minute Man---Oldies But Goodies #5
Don & Juan---Whatís Your Name---Oldies But Goodies #9
Don Julian & The Meadowlarks---Heaven And Paradise---Memories Of El Monte
Don Julian & The Meadowlarks---Heaven And Paradise---Oldies But Goodies #1
Don Julian--- Please (Say that You Love me)--- 20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Doobie Brothers, The---What A Fool Believes---Dedicated to You #8
Dos, Proper---Firma Hina---Dedicated to You #4
Dramatics, The---Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get---Oldies But Goodies #14
Dramatics, The--- In The Rain---Oldies But Goodies #7
Dreamlovers, The---When We Get Married---Dedicated to You #2
Dreamlovers, The---When We Get Married---Oldies But Goodies #5
Drew, Patti--- Tell Him---Dedicated to You #10
Drifters, The--- There Goes My Baby---Oldies But Goodies #13
Drifters, The--- On Broadway---Oldies But Goodies #8
Duprees, The---You Belong To me---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Duprees, The---You Belong To me---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Duprees, The---You Belong To Me---Oldies But Goodies #10
Earth Wind & Fire---Reasons---Memories Of El Monte
Edsels, The---Rama Lama Ding Dong---Oldies But Goodies #2
Edwards, Tommy---Itís All In The Game---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Edwards, Tommy---Itís All In The Game---Oldies But Goodies #7
El Chicano---Sabor A Mi--- Dedicated to You #7
Elbert, Donnie---Where Did Our Love Go---Dedicated to You #3
Elegants, The---Little Star---Oldies But Goodies #5
Elgins, The---Darling Baby---Dedicated to You #3
Epps, Preston---Bongo Bongo Bongo---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Epps, Preston---Bongo Rock---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1 Epps, Preston---< Bongo Rock---Oldies But Goodies #3
Everett, Betty---Youíre No Good---Oldies But Goodies #11 Everett, Betty---Shoop Shoop Song(Itís In His Kiss)--- Oldies But Goodies #3
Everly Brother, The---Bird Dog---Oldies But Goodies #4
Everly Brother, The---Wake Up Little Susie---Oldies But Goodies #7
Everly Brothers, The---All I Have To Do Is Dream---21 #1 Hits
Everly Brothers, The---All I Have To Do Is Dream---Oldies But Goodies #12
Everly Brothers, The---Bye Bye Love---Oldies But Goodies #2
Explosion, Music---A Little Bit OíSoul---Oldies But Goodies #12
Expose---Iíll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me---Dedicated to You #7
Faith, Percy----Theme from a Summer place---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Fats Domino---Blueberry Hill---Oldies But Goodies #2
Fender, Freddy---Before The next Teardrop falls---Oldies But Goodies #2
Fields, Ernie---In The Mood---Oldies But Goodies #8
Fireflies, The---You Were Mine---Oldies But Goodies #6
Fisher, Toni--- The Big Hurt---Oldies But Goodies #4
Five Satins, The---To The Aisle---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Five Satins, The---In The Still Of The Nite---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Flamingos, The--Lovers Never Say Goodbye--13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Flamingos, The---I Only have Eyes For you---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Flamingos, The---I only Have Eyes For You---Oldies But Goodies #13
Ford, Frankie---Sea Cruise---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Ford, Frankie---Sea Cruise---Oldies But Goodies #3
Four Tops---Ainít No Woman (Like The One I got)--- Oldies But Goodies #13
Four, Tops--- Ainít No Woman(Like The One I got)--- Dedicated to You #6
Foxx, Inez---Mockinbird---Oldies But Goodies #8
Foxy---I Like The Way You Love Me---Dedicated to You #9
Franklin, Aretha---(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Franklin, Aretha---Chain Of Fools---Oldies But Goodies #13
Freeman, Ernie---Raunchy---Oldies But Goodies #8
Friends Of Distinction---Going In Circles---Dedicated to You #7
Fuller Four, Bobby---I Fought The Law---Oldies But Goodies #9
Fuzz, The---I Love You For All Seasons---Dedicated to You #2
Gallahad, The---Keeper Of Dreams---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Gallahads, The---Keeper Of Dreams---Memories Of El monte
Gap Band, The---You Dropped A Bomb On me--Dedicated to You #5
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell---If This World Were Mine---Dedicated to You #5
Gaye, Marvin---Letís Get It On---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Gaye, Marvin---Distant Lover (Live)--- Dedicated to You #4
Gaye, Marvin---Letís Get It On---Oldies But Goodies #13
Gaye, Marvin---How Sweet It Is---Oldies But Goodies #8
George Baker Selection---Little Green Bag---Oldies But Goodies #15
George, Barbara---I Know---Oldies But Goodies #7
Gladys Knight & The Pips--The Way We Were(Try to remember)--Best Love Songs Vol.2
Gladys Knight & The Pips--The Way We were(try to remember)---Oldies But Goodies #13
Gladys Knight & The Pips--Best thing That Ever Happened to me--Oldies But Goodies #15
Gladys Knight & The Pips---Every Beat Of my Heart---Oldies But Goodies #6
Gore, Leslie---Itís My Party---Oldies But Goodies #3
Gray, Dobie---Drift Away---Oldies But Goodies #10
Gray, Dobie--- Drift Away---Oldies But Goodies #3
Green, Al---Letís Stay together---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Green, Al---Letís Stay Together---Dedicated to You #4
Griffin, Angee---Gentle---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Griffiths, Marcia---Electric Boogie---Dedicated to You #8
Guess Who, The---American Woman---Killer Classic Rock
Handsome, Jim Balcom---Corrido Rock---Memories Of El Monte
Harvey & The Moonglows---Ten Commandments of Love---Dedicated to You #2
Harvey & The Moonglows---Ten Commandments of Love---Oldies But Goodies #11
Heartbeats, The---A Thousand Miles Away---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Heartbeats, The--- A Thousand Miles Away---Dedicated to You #9
Heatwave--- And Forever---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Heatwave---Always And Forever---Dedicated to You #3
Heatwave---Always And Forever---I Will Always Be There For You
Heatwave---Always And Forever---Oldies But Goodies #13
Helms, Bobby---My Special Angel---Oldies But Goodies #14
Herb, Bobby---Sunny---Oldies But Goodies #11
Higgins, Bertie---Key Largo---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Higgins, Chuck---Pachuko Hop---Memories Of El Monte
High-Town---Knockiní Da Boots---Dedicated to You #10
Hinton, Joe---Funny(How Time Slips Away)--- Oldies But Goodies #15
Hitmakers, The---Chapel Of Love---Memories Of El Monte
Holden, Ron--- I Love You So---Memories Of El Monte
Holly, Buddy---Peggy Sue---Oldies But Goodies #4
Hollywood Arglyles, The---Alley Oop---Oldies But Goodies #5
Holman, Eddie---Hey There Lonely Girl---Oldies But Goodies #8
Honey Cone, The---Girls It Ainít Easy---Dedicated to You #8
Huey ďPianoĒ Smith & The Clowns---Donít You Just Know It---Oldies But Goodies #3
Huey ďPianoĒ Smith and the Clowns---Donít you Just Know It---Best of Oldies Classic Vo.3 Hyland, Brian---Sealed With A Kiss---Oldies But Goodies Vo.2
Ike & Tina Turner---Only Women Bleed---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Ike & Tina Turner--- Ike & Tina Turner Album---Ike & Tina Turner
Impressions, The--- So Proud---Dedicated to You #3
Impressions, The---Gypsy Woman---Oldies But Goodies #12
Ingram, James with Patti Austin---Baby Come To me---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Ingram, Luther--- (If Loving you is wrong)I donít want to be right---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Intruders, The--- Sad Girl---Dedicated to You #3
Intruders, The---Iíll Always Love My Mama---Memories Of El Monte
Iron Butterfly---In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida---Killer Classic Rock
Isley Brother, The--- Twist And Shout---Oldies But Goodies #6
Isley Brothers, The---Between The Sheets---Dedicated to You #4
Isley Brothers, The---For The Love Of You (part 1& 2)--- Dedicated to You #5
Isley Brothers, The---Twist And Shout---Oldies But Goodies #10
Isley Brothers, The---Twist And Shout---Ritchie Valens La Bamba Ď87
Jackson, Deon---Love Makes The World Go Round---Oldies But Goodies #15
Jaguars, The---The Way You Look tonight---Oldies But Goodies #1
Jaguars, The---Thinking Of You---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Jaguars, The---The Way You Look Tonight---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Jaguars, The---Thinking Of You---Memories Of El Monte
Jakki O--- Ooo.Aaah---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Jakki O--- Ooo.Aaah---Dedicated to You #1
Jakki O---Ooo.Aaah---I Will Always Be There For You
James & Bobby Purify---Iím Your Puppet---Dedicated to You #1
James & Bobby Purify---Iím Your Puppet---Oldies But Goodies #12
James, Etta---Dance With Me Henry(Wallflower)--- Oldies But Goodies #1
James, Etta---Iíd Rather Go Blind---Dedicated to You #3
James, Etta---At Last---Dedicated To You #5
James, Etta---Trust In Me---Oldies But Goodies #13
James, Rick Featuring Teena Marie---Fire And Desire---Dedicated to You #7
James, Rick---Super Freak---Dedicated to You #6
Jaynetts, The--- Sally GoesíRound The Roses---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Vol.2
Jaynetts, The---Sally GoesíRound The Roses---Oldies But Goodies #8
Jefferson Airplane---Somebody To Love---Killer Classic Rock
Jerry, Butler & Betty Everett---Let It Be me---Oldies But Goodies #10
Jerry, Butler & The Impressions---For your Precious Love---Oldies But Goodies #3
Jive Five, The---My True Story---Oldies But Goodies #4
John, Elton---Your Song---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Johnnie & Joe---Over The Mountain, Across The Sea---Oldies But Goodies #1
Johnnie & Joe---Darling---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Jones, Jimmy---Handy Man---Oldies But Goodies #7
Jones, Linda---Hypnotized---Dedicated to You #1
Jonny, Z---Latin Swing---Dedicated to You #10
Jr.Walker & The All Stars--What Does It Take(To Win Your Love)--Oldies But Goodies#13
Julian, Don & The Meadowlarks---I Want You Back---Dedicated to You #1
Khaliq---Dedicated To You(Those oldies but goodies)--- 20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare ButWellDone
Khaliq---Dedicated To you(Those Oldies But goodies)--- Dedicated to You #9
King, Ben E---Stand By Me---Oldies But Goodies #9
Kingsmen, The---Louie Louie---Killer Classic Rock
Kingsmen, The---Louie Louie---Oldies But Goodies #11
Kinks, The---You Realy Got Me---Killer Classic Rock
Knight, Gladys & The Pips---Best Thing that ever happened to me---Dedicated to You #5
Knight, Jean---Mr. Big Stuff--21 #1 Hits
Knight, Jean---Mr. Big Stuff---Oldies But Goodies #5
Knight, Sonny---Dedicated To You---Memories Of El Monte
Knight, Sonny---Confidential---Oldies But Goodies #1
Kool & The Gang---Celebration---Dedicated To You #7
Kool & The Gang---Cherish---Dedicated to You #8
L.A.D.---RidiníLow---Dedicated to You #9
LaBelle, Patti---Have I Sinned---Dedicated to You #5
Laid, Back---White Horse---Dedicated to You #6
Larks, The---The Jerk---Oldies But Goodies #2
Latinos, The---The Partyís Over---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Lattisaw, Stacy---Let me Be Your Angel---Dedicated to You #6
Lee, Brenda---Iím Sorry---Oldies But Goodies #14
Lee, Curtis---Pretty Little Angel Eyes---Oldies But Goodies #2
Lewis, Barbara---Hello Stranger---Dedicated to You #6
Lewis, Barbara---Hello Stranger---Oldies But Goodies #15
Lewis, Bobby---Tossiní And Turniní---21 #1 Hits
Lewis, Bobby---Tossiní And Turniní---Oldies But Goodies #5
Lewis, Jerry Lee---Whole Lot Of Shakiní Going On---21 #1 Hits
Lewis, Jerry Lee---Jerry Lee Lewis Album---Jerry Lee Lewis 20 Classic Hits
Lewis, Jerry Lee--- Balls Of Fire---Oldies But Goodies #12
Lewis, Jerry Lee---Whole Lot Of ShakiníGoing On---Oldies But Goodies #4
Lewis, Jerry Lee---Breathless---Oldies But Goodies #6
Lewis, Jerry Lee-- I Say---Oldies But Goodies #7
Lewis, Marcus---On a roller Coaster(Itís Love)---- 20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Lighter Shade of Brown---On A Sunday Afternoon---Dedicated to You #10
Little Anthony & The Imperials---Goiní Out Of My Hand---Best Loves Songs Vol.2
Little Anthony & The Imperials---Goiní Out Of My Hand---Oldies But Goodies #11
Little Anthony and the Imperials---Tears On My Pillow---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Vol. 2
Little Caesar and the Romans---Those Oldies But Goodies---Oldies But Goodies V. 2
Little Ceaser & The Romans---Those Oldies But Goodies---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Little Ceaser & The Romans---Those oldies but goodies (Remind me of you)--- Oldies But Goodies #6
Little Julian Herrera--- I Remember Linda---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Little Richard---Long Tall Sally---Oldies But Goodies #3
Los Indios Tabajaras---Maria Elena---Dedicated to You #9
Lost Generation, The--- The Sly, Slick and wicked---Dedicated to You #10
Lovelites, The---How Can I Tell My Mom and Dad---Dedicated to You #2
Loviní Spoonful, The---Summer In The City---Killer Classic Rock
Lynn, Barbara---Youíll Loose a Good Thing---Dedicated to You #2
Lynyrd, Skynyrd---Free Bird---Killer Classic Rock
M.C. Blvd---So---Dedicated to You #10
Manhattans, The---Shining Star---Dedicated to You #6
Manhattans, The---Kiss and Say Goodbye---Oldies But Goodies #15
Mann, Gloria---Teenage Prayer---Oldies But Goodies #4
Martha and The Vandellas---Dancing In The Street---Oldies But Goodies #14
Marvelettes, The---Forever---Dedicated to You #2
Marvin & Johnny---Cherry Pie---Memories Of El Monte Mary, Jane Girls---All Night Long---Dedicated to You #7
Mason, Barbara---OH! How it Hurts---Dedicated to You #2
Maths, Johnny---Chances Are---Best Love Song Vol.2
McCoys, The---Hang On Sloopy---21 #1 Hits
McCoys, The---Hang On Sloopy---Killer Classic Rock
McCoys, The---Hang On Sloopy---Oldies But Goodies #14
Medallions, The---The Letter---Oldies But Goodies #1
Mel & Tim---Back Field In Motion---Oldies But Goodies #2
Mello-Kings, The---Tonite, Tonite---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Melvin, Harold and the Blue Notes---If You Donít Know Me By Now---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Mickey & Sylvia---Love Is Strange---Oldies But Goodies #4
Miracles, The & Smokey Robinson---Baby Baby---Oldies But Goodies #13
Moments, The---Love On A Two Way Street---Oldies But Goodies #15
Monkees, The---Iím A Believer---Oldies But Goodies #3
Moonglows, The---Most Of All---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Moonglows, The---Sincerely---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
MoonGlows, The---Sincerely---Oldies But Goodies #1
Moore, Bobby & The Rhythm Aces---Searching For Me Love---Dedicated to You #7
Morris, Gary---Wind Beneath My Wings---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Mtume---Juicy Fruit---Dedicated to You #6
Murmaids, The---Popsicles and Icicles---Oldies But Goodies #2
Nasty Boy Klick--- Lost In Love---Dedicated to You #10
Nelson, Sandy---Teen Beat---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 2
Nelson, Sandy---Teen Beat---Oldies But Goodies #4
Neville, Aaron--- It Like It Is---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Neville, Aaron---Tell It Like It Is---Oldies But Goodies #9
Newbeats, The---Bread and Butter---Oldies But Goodies #2
Newbeats, The---Run Baby Run---Oldies But Goodies #8
Night, Gladys and The Pips--- Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Nino And The Ebb Tides---Those Oldies but Goodies Remind Me Of You---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Notations, The---Iím Still Here---Dedicated to You #9
Oí Jays, The---Forever Mine---Dedicated to You #4
OíKaysions---Girl Watcher---Oldies But Goodies #8
Ocean, Billy---Suddenly---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Olympics, The--- A Dead Man Still Walking Around--20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Olympics, The--- (Baby) Hully Gully---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Olympics, The--- (Baby) Hully Gully---Oldies But Goodies #10
Originals, The---Baby Iím For Real---Dedicated to You #2
Originals, The---The Bells---Dedicated to You #6
Pagan, Ralfi---To Say I Love You---Dedicated To You #10
Pagan, Ralfi---Make It with You---Dedicated to You #9
Paradons, The---Diamond And Pearls---Oldies But Goodies #5
Paris Sisters, The---I Love How You Love Me---Oldies But Goodies #7
Peaches & Herb--- Reunited---Oldies But Goodies #12
Peaches & Herb---(All)--- Peaches & Herb
Peaches & Herbs---I Pledge My Love--- Dedicated to You #9
Pendergrass, Teddy---Close The Door---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Pendergrass, Teddy---Turn Off The Lights---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Penguins, The---Earth Angel, Memories Of El Monte---Oldies But Goodies #1
Penguins, The---Earth Angel, Memories Of El Monte---Oldies But Goodies#3
Penguins, The---Earth Angel---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Penguins, The---Memories Of El Monte---Dedicated to You #1
Penguins, The---Memories Of El Monte, Earth Angel---Memories Of EL Monte
Pentagons, The---To Be Loved---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3 Pentagons, The---To Be Loved---Memories Of El Monte
Perkins, Carl---Blue Suede Shoes---Oldies But Goodies #4
Perkins, Carl---Blue Suede shoes---Ritchie Valens La Bamba Ď87
Persuaders, The---Thin Line Between Love and Hate---Dedicated to You #3
Pickett, Wilson---Funky Broadway---Oldies But Goodies #14
Platters, The---Smoke Gets In Your Eyes---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Platters, The---Only You and (You Alone)--- Best Love Songs Vol.2
Platters, The---Only You---Oldies But Goodies #10
Platters, The--- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes---Oldies But Goodies #14
Platters, The---My Prayer---Oldies But Goodies #3
Price, Lloyd---Stagger Lee---Oldies But Goodies #1
Price, Lloyd--- Just Because---Oldies But Goodies #14
Rawls, Lou---Youíll Never Find Another Love Like Mine---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Rays, The---Silhouettes---13 Of The Best Doo wop Love Songs Vol.1
Rays, The---Silhouettes---Oldies But Goodies #4
Redding, Otis---These Arms Of Mine---Dedicated to You #7
Redding, Otis---These Arms Of Mine---I Will Always Be There For You
Reed, Jimmy---Big Boss Man---Oldies But Goodies #1
Reed, Jimmy---Bright Lights, Big City---Oldies But Goodies #10
Reed, Jimmy---Baby What You Want Me To Do---Oldies But Goodies #11
Rene & Rene----Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero---Memories Of El Monte
Richard, Little---Tutti Frutti--Oldies But Goodies #11
Richard, Little---Lucille---Oldies But Goodies #12
Richard, Little---Rip It Up---Oldies But Goodies #8
Riley, Jeanniie C---Harper Valley PTA---Oldies But Goodies #4
Robinson, Smokey---The Agony and The Ecstasy---Dedicated to You #3
Robinson, Smokey--- Being With You---Dedicated To You #9
Robinson, Smokey---Cruisiní---Oldies But Goodies #9
Roger---So Ruff, So Tuff---Dedicated to You #7
Roommates, The--- Glory Of Love---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Rose, Royce---Wishing On A Star---Dedicated to You #6
Rose, Royce---I Wanna Get Next To You---Dedicated to You #8
Rosie & The Originals---Angel Baby---Dedicated to You #1
Rosie & The Originals---Angel baby(Spanglish)---Dedicated To You #10
Rosie & The Originals---Angel Baby---Oldies But Goodies #5
Rosie and the Originals---Angel Baby---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Rosie and the Originals---Angel Baby---I Will Always Be There For You
Safaris, The---Image Of A Girl---Oldies But Goodies #6
Safaris, The---Wipe Out---Oldies But Goodies #8
Sam The Sham, & The Pharaohs---Wooly Bully---Odies But Goodies #10
Sang, Samantha---Emotion---Dedicated to You #8
Santo & Johnny---Sleep Walk--Oldies But Goodies #1
Santo & Johnny---Sleep Walk---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Santo & Johnny---Sleep Walk---Dedicated to You #6
Santo & Johnny---Sleep Walk---Ritchie Valens La Bamba Ď87
Sapphires, The---Who Do You Love---Dedicated to You #7
Shades of Blue---Oh How Happy---Oldies But Goodies #2
Shangri-Las, The--- Of The Pack---21 #1 Hits
Shangri-Las, The---Leader Of The Pack---Oldies But Goodies #15
Shangri-Las, The---Remember (Walking In The Sand)--- Oldies But Goodies #6
Shannon, Del---Runaway---Oldies But Goodies #9
Sharp, Dee Dee---Mashed Potato Time--Best of OBG Classic Collection Vo.1
Sharp, Dee Dee---Mashed Potato Time--Oldies But Goodies #6
Shep & The Limelites---Daddyís Home---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Shep & The Limelites---Daddyís Home---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Shep & The Limelites---Daddyís Home---Oldies But Goodies #5
Shields, The---You Cheated---Memories Of El Monte
Shields, The--- You cheated---Oldies But Goodies #3
Shirelles, The---Dedicated To The one I love---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Shirelles, The---Will You Love Me Tomorrow---21 #1 Hits
Shirelles, The-- Dedicated To The One I Love---Dedicated to You #1
Shirelles, The---Dedicated To The One I Love---Oldies But Goodies #10
Shirelles, The---Will You Love Me Tomorrow--- Oldies But Goodies #14
Shirelles, The---Soldier Boy--- Oldies But Goodies #4
Shirelles, The---Mama Said---Oldies But Goodies #5
Shirley & Lee---Let The Good Times Roll---Oldies But Goodies #1
Shocking Blue---Venus--- Oldies But Goodies #15
Shondell, Troy---This Time---Oldies But Goodies #8
Silk-E-Fyne---Romeo And Juliet---Dedicated to You #10
Sister, Sledge---We Are Family---Dedicated to You #6
Six Teens, The---A Casual Look--- Oldies But Goodies #4
Skyliners, The---This I Swear---13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol.1
Skyliners, The---This I Swear---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Skyliners, The---Since I Donít Hate You---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Skyliners, The---Since I donít Hate You---Dedicated to You #1
Skyliners, The---Since I Donít Hate You---Oldies But Goodies #5
Skyliners, The---This I Swear--- Oldies But Goodies #6
Skyliners, The--- (All)--- Skylinersí Greatest Hits
Sledge, Percy---When A Man Loves A Woman---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Sledge, Percy---When A Man Loves A Woman---Oldies But Goodies #9
Sly, Slick & Wicked---Confessiní A Feeling---Dedicated to You #1
Sly, Slick and Wicked---Confessiní A Feeling---I Will Always Be There For You
Snap---Rhythm Is A Dancer---Dedicated to You #8
Soul Survivors, The---Expressway To Your Heart---Oldies But Goodies #11
Spaniels, The---Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite---13 of the Best Doo Wop Love Songs Vol. 2
Stafford, Terry---S uspicion---Oldies But Goodies #11
Stafford, Terry---Suspicion---Oldie but Goodies #8
Steppenwolf---Born to Be Wild---Killer Classic Rock
Stevens, Ray---Everything Is Beautiful---Oldies But Goodies #3
Stewart, Billy---I Do Love You---Dedicated to You #1
Stewart, Billy---Sitting In The Park---Memories Of El Monte
Stories, The---Brother Louie---Killer Classic Rock
Strong, Barrett---Money---Oldies But Goodies #4
Stylistics, The---You Make Me Feel Brand New---Best Love SongsVol#3
Stylistics, TheBreak Up To Make Up---Dedicated to You #4
Stylistics, TheBreak Up To Make Up---Dedicated to You #8
Stylistics, TheBreak Up To Make Up---Dedicated to You #10
Stylistics, The---Entire Album---Stylistics-Golden Hits Uncovered Treasures
Sunglows, The---Itís Okay---Dedicated to You #4
Sunny & The Skiliners---Smile Now, Cry Later---Dedicated to You #4
Supply, Air---The One That You Love---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Supremes, The---Where Did Our Love Go---Oldies But Goodies #8
Sweethearts, The---Sorry Daddy---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Tavares---Itís All in the Game---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Tavares---A Penny For Your Thoughts---Dedicated To You #8
Taylor, Johnnie---Whoís Makiní Love---21 #1 Hits
Taylor, Johnnie---Whosí Makiní Love---Oldies But Goodies #5
Teddy Bears, The---To Know Him is to Love Him---Oldies But Goodies #2
Teen Queens, The ---Eddie My Love---Oldies But Goodies #1
Temprees, The---Love (Between a Boy and a Girl) Can be soWonderful---Dedicated to You #2
Temptations, The---My Girl---Oldies But Goodies #9
The Flamingos---I Only Have Eyes For You---I Will Always Be There For You
Thomas, B.J.---Iím so Lonesome I Could Cry---Oldies But Goodies #4
Thomas, Carla---Gee Whiz---Oldies But Goodies #8
Three Dog Night---Try a Little Tenderness---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Tierra---Together---Dedicated to You #1
Tierra---Together---Oldies But Goodies #15
Tilman, Bertha---Oh My Angel---Dedicated to You #4
Tom Tom, Club---Genius of Love---Dedicated to You #3
Tommy James & The Shondells---Crytal Blue Pursuasion------Dedicated to You #9
Tommy James & The Shondells---Mony Mony------Killer Classic Rock
Tommy James & The Shondells---Crystal Blue Pursuasion---Oldies But Goodies #13
Tony Toni Tone---Thinking of You---Dedicated to You #10
Tower of Power---Youíre Still a Young Man---Memories Of El Monte
Tune Weavers, The---Happy, Happy Birthday Baby---Oldies But Goodies #10
Turtles, The---Sheíd Rather be With Me---Oldies But Goodies #3
Turtles, The---It Ainít My Babe---Oldies But Goodies #4
Turtles, The---Happy Together---Oldies But Goodies#15
Unlimited, Love---I Belong To You---Dedicated to You #2
Valens, Ritchie---La Bamba---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Valens, Ritchie---La Bamba 2000---Dedicated to You #8
Valens, Ritchie---Come On Letís Go---Oldies But Goodies #4
Valens, Ritchie---Donna---Oldies But Goodies #7
Valens, Ritchie---La Bamba---Oldies But Goodies #8
Valens, Ritchie---Ritchie Valens La Bamba Ď87
Valli, Frankie---My Eyes Adored You---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Van McCoy & The Soul City Orchestra---The Hustle------21 #1 Hits
Van McCoy---Mr. DJ---20 Hard To Find Jams-Rare But Well Done
Vanguards, The---Somebody Please------Dedicated to You #6
War---Low Rider---Dedicated to You #1
War---Low Rider---Oldies But Goodies #15
Warwick, Dionne---Donít Make Me Over---Oldies But Goodies #14
Warwick, Dionne---Walk On By---Oldies But Goodies #15
Washington, Dinah---Unforgettable---Best Love Songs Vol.2
Washington, Dinah---Unforgettable---Oldies But Goodies #14
Welch, Lenny---Since I Fell For You---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Welch, Lenny---Since I Fell For You---Oldies But Goodies #12
Wells, Mary---Two Lovers---Dedicated to You #9
Wells, Mary---My Guy---Oldies But Goodies #11
Whispers, The---As I Sit Here---Dedicated to You #2
White, Barry---Just The Way You Are---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Williams, Deniece---Silly---Dedicated to You #3
Williams, Deniece---Itís Gonna Take A Miracle---Dedicated to You #4
Wilson, Al---Show And Tell---21 #1 Hits
Wilson, Al---Show And Tell---Best Love Songs Vol. 3
Wilson, Al---Show And Tell---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Wilson, Al---Show And Tell---Oldies But Goodies #15
Wilson, J.Frank---Last Kiss---Oldies But Goodies #9
Wingfield, Pete---Eighteen With A Bullet---Memories Of El Monte
Wonder, Stevie---I Just Called To Say I Love You---Best Love Songs Vol. 4
Wood, Brenton---Oogum Boogum---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 1
Wood, Brenton---Gimme Little Sign---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 2
Wood, Brenton---Brenton Woodís Album---Brenton Woodís 18 Best
Wood, Brenton---Brenton Woodís Album #2---Brenton Woodís 18 More Of The Best
Wood, Brenton---Me And You---Dedicated to You #1
Wood, Brenton---Best Thing I Ever Had---Dedicated to You #6
Wood, Brenton---I Like The Way You Love Me---I Will Always Be There For You
Wood, Brenton---I Think Youíve Got Your Fools Mixed Up---Memories Of El Monte
Wood, Brenton---Oogum Boogum---Oldies But Goodies #7
Wood, Brenton---Gimme Little Sign---Oldies But Goodies #9
Wright, Betty---Tonight Is The Night (Live)--- Dedicated to You #8
Yardbirds, The---For Your Love---Killer Classic Rock
Young, Kathy---A Thousand Stars---Best of Oldies But Goodies Classic Collection V. 3
Young, Kathy---A Thousand Stars---Oldies But Goodies #5
Yuro, Timi---Hurt---Oldies But Goodies #9
Zapp---More Bounce To The Ounce---Dedicated to You #3
Zombies, The---Tell Her No---Killer Classic Rock

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