Brenton Wood's 18 More Of The Best

Brenton Wood's
18 More Of The Best #2

From the biggest hits and artists of the
past to those hard to find favorites.

Music available, just click on the song you want to hear.

I Want LoveBrenton Wood2.30
This Love Is For RealBrenton Wood4.14
Give It UpBrenton Wood2.12
It's Just A Game of LoveBrenton Wood2.19
Ooh La Da DeeBrenton Wood2.03
Loving YouBrenton Wood2.31
Come Here GirlBrenton Wood2.27
Need You GirlBrenton Wood2.30
Best Thing I Ever HadBrenton Wood2.23
Who But A FoolBrenton Wood2.35
Need Your Love So BadBrenton Wood3.38
A Change Is Gonna ComeBrenton Wood2.38
Boogaloosa LouisianaBrenton Wood2.40
Psychotic ReactionBrenton Wood2.34
Running WildBrenton Wood2.35
A Little Bit of LoveBrenton Wood1.58
Little Happy Go Lucky GirlBrenton Wood2.38
TroubleBrenton Wood2.31

Brenton Wood's 18 More of The Best #2 - 1 CD

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