Little Richard - 1 Dvd 120 minutes

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Little Richard - 1 Dvd 120 minutes

...He Rocked...He Rolled...He Change the World of Music!


Little Richard was more than any other artist, the start of rock n roll music. He inspired generations of R & B, rock, and soul artists and set the wheels in motion
for James Brown and the development of funk. Elvis called him an inspiration and the greatest,
James Brown called him his idol, Smokey called him the start of that funky, drivin, never-let-up rock and roll,
Ray Charles called him the man that started a kind of music that set the pace for a lot of what's happenein today,
Jimi Hendrix said he wanted to do with his guitar what Little Richard did with his voice.

The Richard Penniman (better known as Little Richard) depicted in this 2000 film was a flamboyant, larger-than-life character, not to mention a vital figure in pop music history--perhaps even "the architect of rock & roll," as he's called here. The fact that both of those portraits are accurate is a tribute to the makers of this TV movie, especially director Robert Townsend (Hollywood Shuffle) and Leon in the title role (Little Richard himself was an executive producer). Sure, it's a bit heavy on the melodrama, especially Richard's volatile relationship with his demanding father, and light on the music ("Tutti Frutti," "Lucille," and Richard's other hits are heard, with Leon lip-syncing to the original recordings, but there's no clue as to how Richard actually forged his style), but hey, that's TV for you. By and large, Little Richard is an entertaining ride, even without any DVD bonus material. --Sam Graham

Little Richard - 1 Dvd 120 minutes

Little Richard - 1 Dvd 120 minutes.............139.95 us$

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