The Woodstock Collection - 10 Cds
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The Woodstock Collection - 10 Cds

Featuring Artists like

The Rascals... Steppenwolf... The Lovin'... SpoonfulSly and The Family Stone...
Jefferson Airplane... The Mamas and The Papas

Woodstock Collection - 10 Cds Woodstock Collection - 10 Cds Woodstock Collection - 10 Cds

The music of the Woodstock era electrified
a generation and promised a better world.

The youth movement, with imaginings of worldwide peace and love, came of age at the Woodstock Music
Art Fair three days and nights filled with performances by some of the biggest rock acts of the day.

Moved and inspired by these new sounds, a generation found its voice in love songs, peace songs,
anthems, feel good music, psychedelia, songs of protest, and a fresh and innovative sound dubbed folk rock.

Now these recordings are available in one indispensable set of 174 momentous tracks, all by the original artists.

The complete set includes two FREE PREMIUM Summer of Love CDs containing 40 tracks from Big Brother
and the Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane, The Mamas and the Papas and more!

The Woodstock Collection - 10 Cds
1- New - 174 Songs on 10 CDs...251.86.............189.00 us$

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